sábado, 15 de abril de 2023


El decimoséptimo disco del canadiense Ron Sexsmith es nuestro Mezcla Sonora de esta edición. Un maravilloso disco lleno de baladas y pop relajado que entusiasmará a todos los fans del cantautor. Grabado en Nashville estamos ante un artista que nunca baja el nivel y podemos decir que estamos ante un disco redondo. Vamos a destacar un tema pop lleno de socarroneria llamado Outdate and Antiquated. Por cierto esta joya de disco se llama The Vivian Lane 


Outdated and antiquatedI belong in the pastThe future’s uncertainAnd today can’t last
Old fashioned, I’m “balder-dashing”Every new fangled trendCan’t seem to go with the flowIt just don’t make senseI don’t fit in
Outdated and antiquatedThe thoughts in my headThey’re all on their phonesWhile I write poems instead
Endangered and getting strangerEccentric and oldEach day my disc player and IMight take a strollWhile time takes its toll
But I’m relevant to myselfAnd I’m stubborn to the coreGo on and see for yourselfThey just don’t make em like me anymore
Can’t get with the programUnlike all the rest
Here I stand in the Sally Ann or St Vincent de PaulIf you promise you’ll take me with my faults and allI’ll be your dollLa La La La La La La LaLa La La La LaLa La La La La La La LaLa La La La LaI’m vintage in mint conditionI was meant for you


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